What should I expect if I attend a weekend service?

When you arrive, you will be greeted with a smile. MWC is a welcoming community. After the first worship song, people are invited to greet each other. During worship people may raise their hands, close their eyes or stand. Others choose to sit quietly. The goal of our worship is to provide an opportunity for you to connect with God. After worship, the Pastor shares a biblically based message with practical tips for growing in relationship with others and God. 

What about social issues?

MWC is involved in our community. We teach that each member should be good citizens, vote, and make a difference in their neighborhood and city. We provide opportunities for the people of MWC to serve at a local children's home for troubled girls and join other churches in serving the community every spring for LOVE Wichita.

Is mwc affiliated with any denomination?

Yes, MWC is a church in good standing with the Assemblies of God, Springfield, Missouri. The lead pastor is ordained by the Assemblies of God. The church also participates in activities and supports the Kansas District of the Assemblies of God. This denominational affiliation helps hold pastors accountable, provides support and curriculum for our church, and provides a network for Bible camps and more to keep the cost of services low. 

Is there childcare?

Yes, nursery care, preschool and children's church programs are operated during all weekend services. On Wednesdays, nursery and kids clubs are provided as well. 

Do we support foreign missions?

Supporting foreign missions is a priority at MWCr. The church supports several Assemblies of God missionaries, including the Wichita State University Chi Alpha minister.

What should I wear?

MWC is a casual church. Many people attend in jeans and T-shirts. Others prefer to wear office casual wear. Regardless of what you wear, you will be welcomed with a smile at MWC.

Is MWC a multi-cultural church?

Yes, we have people from around the world and the nation and different racial groups. Our church reflects our community. 

Is MWC Part of the Christian church?

Yes, MWC believes that Jesus Christ is the one true God, that he is fully God and fully human and one person of the Trinitarian Godhead. He was present at creation and will rule when we die. He came to earth as a human to bring salvation to mankind. Want to know more?  WHAT WE BELIEVE